Student council

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Student council is a representative structure for Pattison High School students, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school. Not only does the student council help share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and staff, it also helps the members widen their horizons!

A new student council is established each term. Members of the student council can declare their candidacy for president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer through a democratic process in which members vote for their candidate of choice. Even though not everyone can hold these positions, each member is valuable and can contribute by joining various sub-committees, such as the decorating committee or the recycling team.  In the past, we’ve held events such as the Halloween Dance (complete with our own haunted house!), candy gram sale, Valentine’s Day “Steal My Heart” game, and Valentine’s card delivery. Through these activities, members developed communication, time-management, and organizational skills.

As Pattison High School’s student council, we strive to meet the requests of the student body. We are, after all, committed and determined to make the school full of magical and unforgettable moments! Please join us in making Pattison High School a more enjoyable place to be. Get involved and take part in all of our events! You will not regret it!