About Us

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Pattison High School is an independent high school that is certified by the Ministry of Education of British Columbia. Pattison High School is a fully bonded institution which guarantees protection to students under the regulations of the Ministry of Education of BC. The school offers full secondary education: Grades 8 to 12 and university preparation programs. Students who fulfill the graduation program (Grades 10-12) receive a Dogwood diploma the high school diploma issued by the Ministry of Education. Students take the necessary English and required courses with electives to construct a course of study that best meets their personal interests and goals for university admission.

Trimester System

• September, January, May intakes
• 12 courses a year
• fast track graduation

University Guidance

• post-secondary day
• personalized references
• acceptance to top universities

Student Councellor

• Individualized Graduation Plan
• personalized course scheduling
• academic and personal development support

Academic Readiness

• English Placement Test
• vocabulary / reading / writing
• level increase flexibility

Scholarship Program

• Entrance Scholarship
• Performance Scholarship
• Graduation Scholarship

Multicultural Environment

• students from 20 countries:
Asia, The Americas, Europe,
The Middle East, Africa
• multilingual staff
• cultural celebrations

Student Services

• extracurricular clubs
• university application guidance

Scholarship Program

• individual attention
• student : teacher ratio 15:1