Our Staff

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Mr. Simon Chan, Manager, Operations & Admissions

It’s my pleasure to be part of the team to assist students to make the very best of their time at Pattison High School. It will be great to see students with the support of PHS entering into famous university.

BBA Chinese University of Hong Kong

MBA University of Hull, UK

Ms. Azar Akbari, B.A., RCIC
Director, Student Recruitment and Advising

I have been privileged to be a part of Pattison High School since 2014.   PHS is a diverse educational community that provides all students with a safe and positive learning environment.  I feel very fortunate to work with terrific staff and to interact with our wonderful students on a daily basis.

Ms. Lynn Lu, MSc
Administrative Assistant

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time since I joined the PHS family in 2018. It is not only the enthusiasm of my colleagues, but the student’s determination, which motivate me to explore the best methods and practices, in assisting them on their educational journey.

Ms. Fumiko Uchitani
Manager, Student Recruitment and Advising
It’s my greatest pleasure to support students that come from many different parts of the world to thrive in their educational journey at Pattison High School.  I look forward to seeing our students reach their goals in our caring community, as well as being well prepared for future endeavours.

Mr. Jeffrey Deng
Student Services Coordinator

Jeffrey Deng is a graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production, and minors in Communication Design and Marketing. Jeffrey has previous experience in graphic design, photography, social media, and digital media marketing, skills that he hopes he can develop and apply at PHS. Some of Jeffrey’s other interests include anime, attending concerts, spike ball, volleyball, and weightlifting.

Ms. Mia Phung
Student Recruitment and Advising Officer

“I joined Pattison High School fairly recently and there are many things I love about working here. I appreciate the strong relationships that form between staff, faculty and students, and working together in a wonderful learning environment. Our diverse student body gives me the opportunity to interact and support students from many different countries, and experience their respective cultures. Being a part of this positive and collaborative learning community brings me a lot of joy.”