Fee Schedule

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1. All fees are in Canadian dollars and include applicable taxes

2. Student Services fee is $800 per semester, and covers University guidance, after school tutorials, school activities, clubs, technology, equipment, and gym memberships

3. Books & Materials fee includes all classroom books and materials, excluding the workbook which students keep

4. Graduation fee includes graduation ceremony, gown rental, food, and party

5. New students are required to purchase a full uniform set from the school’s designated provider

6. Medical insurance covered for two or three semesters

1. Any request for course or program withdrawal involving tuition refund must be made by Tuition Refund Request Form of the school. The School reserves the right to inform the Canada Immigration of an international student’s withdrawal or expulsion from school.

2. The amount of tuition refund is determined by the following regulations:

A. Full Prepaid Tuition Fee, minus a processing fee of $500 CDN will be refunded to an international student whose visa application is rejected by Canadian Embassy outside of Canada. (The original letter of rejection is mandatory with the completed Tuition Refund Request Form.)

B. 1/2 of Prepaid Tuition Fee will be refunded if a student withdraws prior to the start of the FIRST SEMESTER ONLY.

C. 1/3 of Prepaid Tuition will be refunded if a student withdraws within 15 calendar days from the start of the FIRST SEMESTER ONLY.

D. No Refund will be granted to a:

Student who withdraws after 15 calendar days from the start of the FIRST SEMESTER at PHS.
Student who is expelled from PHS due to a violation of school policy.
Student who obtains a new or extended visa or study permit with our school letters.
Student who provides false information

3. The school will determine individual specialized cases and will deal with accordingly.

* Please be advised that the tuition refund process will take 6-8 weeks upon the submission of the completed and signed Tuition Refund Request Form by the student.