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Welcome to Pattison!

Pattison High School is a private high school established in 2003 certified by the Ministry of Education of British Columbia. We offer grades 9 through 12 to local and international students from all over the world. Since 2005, the school has occupied its self-owned premises in the heart of downtown Vancouver. During the 19 years of operation, 2000+ graduates have earned the BC high school diploma and headed into top Canadian and US post-secondary institutions, subsequently into the Canadian professional work force and establishing their own families in Canada. Our multi-lingual staff and talented faculty provide an international support to the growth and needs of the school community. In each semester, students from about 20 countries are working toward success in the B.C. High School program, and for acceptances for their dream post-secondary institutions.



Jan 03 Orientation for new students
Jan 07 last day of course add/drop
Jan 23-27 BC Ministry of Education Graduation Program assessments
Feb 10 Professional Development
Feb 14 Valentine’s celebration
Feb 20 BC Family Day
Feb 28 Parent / Teacher night
Apr 07 Easter Good Friday, no classes
Apr 12 Awards Day
Apr 17–28 semester break, no classes

Why Choose PHS?

  • Post-secondary fairs
  • Personalized references
  • University Application Guidance
  • September, January, May intakes
  • 12 courses a year
  • Fast track graduation
  • Individualized Graduation
  • PlanPersonalized course scheduling
  • Academic and personal development support
  • English Placement Test
  • Vocabulary / reading / writing
  • Level increase flexibility
  • Extracurricular clubs
  • Medical insurance
  • Homestay, custodianship
  • Entrance Scholarship
  • Performance Scholarship
  • Graduation Scholarship
  • Students from 20 countries:
    Asia, The Americas, Europe,
    The Middle East, Africa
  • Multilingual staff
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Individual attention
  • Student : teacher ratio 15:1
  • After school academic guidance

Messages from our graduates

“Thank you Pattison High School for teaching us to be bold enough to use our voice, brave enough to listen to and believe in ourselves, and strong enough to live the life we’ve always imagined.”

Darya, University of Toronto

“During the few years I studied at Pattison High School, I was nourished by the great school system and the dedication of the teachers who have always been supportive and helpful during my struggles. I would not have made it here to Monash without the devoted assistance of all the faculties and my fellow classmates at PHS.”

Andrew, Monash University

“Even though I’ve only been at Pattison for a year and learning remotely, that hasn’t stopped me from having a wonderful experience. I am very grateful to the teachers who have always patiently guided me, no matter what problems I had.”

Harry, University of Alberta

“I am so grateful to all of the teachers at Pattison High School. The understanding and support they gave me meant so much and I would not be the person I am today without their help. Most importantly, I realized how to manage my mentality to face future challenges. This has shaped me into the capable young adult that I am today.”

Raiany, University of British Columbia

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