Admission Requirements and Procedures

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Admission Requirements

Student must complete a minimum of seven years of formal schooling to be eligible for registration at Pattison High School. The completed application document checklist consists of:

  1. Application Fee: CAD $300 (Non-Refundable)
  2. Completed and signed Student Application Form: If the student is under 19 years of age, parent / guardian signature is required
  3. Copy of Student’s passport: Verification of Canadian citizenship or Landed immigrant status (If applicable)
  4. Transcript for the past two-three years: Original or Notarized in English
  5. Letter of attendance from current school: Original or Notarized in English
  6. Copy of Medical Insurance: BC Medical Service Plan or private medical insurance
  7. Custodianship Declaration:  If the student is under 19 years of age, Canadian Immigration requires custodianship
  8. One passport-sized photo of student

Admission Procedures

  • Step 1: Apply: Complete the Application Document Checklist 
  • Step 2: Interviews: Interviews will be conducted during the acceptance and admission process.  Pattison High School welcomes applications throughout the year.  Semester entry will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Step 3: Conditional Letter of Acceptance: After the review of the application documents, and receipt of the application fee, the Conditional Letter of Acceptance and Tuition Invoice will be issued to the qualified students.
  • Step 4: Official Letter of Acceptance: Upon the receipt of tuition deposit payment, an Official Letter of Acceptance and a tuition receipt will be issued and sent accordingly.  International students may use the Official Letter of Acceptance for the student visa application purpose.