Registration and Orientation

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The Orientation Day takes place in the week before classes begin. This is a chance to meet the Principal, Director of Operations, and the instructors. Other activities, which may be part of this session, are:

  • A review or presentation of information about the programs offered at Pattison High School
  • A discussion of some of the key points covered in this handbook
  • Information about local events and tourist attractions
  • A walking tour which will help students become familiar with the area around the High School
  • Collecting of current contact information (phone no. & address)
  • Filling out and signing contracts
  • I.D. Photograph for Student Card

The faculty and staff at Pattison High School are dedicated to making sure that each student has a positive and rewarding experience while studying in Vancouver. During the orientation day, the following assistance is provided to every student.

Medical Insurance:  MSP Forms are available on request at the reception desk. We also provide Temporary Medical Insurance assistance.

Bank Accounts:  Advice and contact information from administration staff is available to help students open a local bank account at HSBC or the Royal Bank. Bring your passport and credit card for ID with you when attending the orientation.