Grade 9-12 Program

Grade 9-12 Program 2023-06-21T21:49:54+00:00
Grade 9Grade 10
Grade 11Grade 12
English 9 Literary Studies 10Literary Studies 11English Studies 12
Social Studies 9Social Studies 10New Media 11New Media 12
Maths 9Science 10Explorations in Social Studies 11Pre-Calculus 12
Science 9Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10Pre-Calculus 11Calculus 12
Physical & Health Education 9Computer Studies 10Computer Information Systems 11Economic Theory 12
Fine Arts 9 Career-Life EducationContemporary Music 11Computer Information Systems 12
Applied Skills 9 Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10Composition 11Anatomy and Physiology 12
Career Education 9Photography 10Chemistry 11Chemistry 12
Art Studio 10Physics 11Physics 12
Contemporary Music 10Art Studio 11Art Studio 12
Physical and Health Education 10Photography 11Photography 12
New Media 10Active Living 11Active Living 12
Spoken Language 10Studio Arts 2D 11Political Studies 12
20th Century World History
Career Life Connections
Contemporary Music 12
Entrepreneurship 12