July 2014 Newsletter – Introduction

July 2014 Newsletter – Introduction

July 2014 Newsletter – Introduction

Welcome to our July 2014 Newsletter!

It is finally summer in Vancouver and the weather has graced our lives with a lot of sunshine. The temperatures throughout British Columbia have risen, reaching record levels in some cities (over 35C in a few days). Vancouver has been experiencing an average of 25C during the day for the past couple of weeks.

On July 2nd, Pattison High School welcomed 71 new students in our Summer School. Students from Canada, Japan, Korea, Iran, Vietnam, Mexico and China are currently attending at least one of the 6 classes available. They are expected to complete their programs on August 8th. We thank all our agents for the summer enrollments and for the continuous partnership.

In this July edition we are bringing more information about our school activities and field trips during the semester. You will also find information about the upcoming Provincial Exam and our Art Club (Studio 111).

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