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Pattison High School was established in 2003 to offer grades 8 through 12 of the British Columbia high school program to local and international students from all over the world. Since 2005, the school has occupied its self-owned premises at 981 Nelson Street in Downtown Vancouver. The school is in close proximity to the Law Courts, the Vancouver Art Gallery and a flagship YMCA facility. Our multi-lingual staff provides an international support to the growth and needs of the school community. A talented faculty is complemented by a dedicated advising team which – together – provide a strong organizational framework for the school. During the 20 years of operation, 2000+ graduates have earned the BC high school diploma and headed into well-known post-secondary institutions, and subsequently into the Canadian professional work force – and establishing their own families in Canada. In each semester, students from about 20 countries are working toward success in the B.C. High School program, and for acceptances for their dream post-secondary institutions.




“I was surprised that the school community here is friendly, affectionate and always prepared to assist each other. This school does an amazing job of preparing students for university. My one-year study at PHS has been a critical stepping stone on my path to success.”

Giselle B.

“I am thankful to all my teachers and staff, but special thanks to Mr. V for introducing me to the beautiful world of physics. What I learned at Pattison High School is not just knowledge, but a way to improve my attitude towards learning.”

Parmida H.

“I was attracted to Pattison High School not only is it located in the heart of downtown with convenient transportation, but also multicultural student body. Above all, the class size is small and the teachers are very understanding and supportive of international students studying in the second language.”

Kido k.

“I appreciate all the teachers that have helped me. Thank you for supporting me through my high school life. I have experienced happiness, sadness, proudness, and everything else I could have been through. Experiencing all of this is the most significant.”

Chris C.


Jun 19: Student Activity Day
Jun 26: Mid-term report
Jul 1: Canada Day
Jul 4: Parent/Teacher Night
Aug 2: Awards Day
Aug 5: BC Day
Aug 8: Graduation Day
Aug 9: Last day of classes
Aug 12-Sept 1: Trimester Break