Attendance Policy

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Attendance is critical to success. Absences and late arrivals will be recorded by class.
1. Regular and full- session attendance is a requirement for all students at the school.
Attendance is recorded every day and for every class. The record is updated every day.

2. On time arrival to class is an expectation every day.
On time arrival demonstrates respect for oneself as a serious student, respect for the teacher, respect for classmates, and respect for the lesson that is planned.

Late arrival to class disrupts the teacher, other students, and the class that is in session. Therefore, a teacher may choose to delay, or not allow, the student’s entry into the classroom.

3. Absenteeism due to illness can be excused, only if it is accompanied by a valid doctor’s note or a letter from your parent, guardian, or home-stay. Nonetheless, the absence stays on the record for purposes such as the report card.

4. Student history of attendance

For students who return to the school for consecutive semesters, your attendance history in previous semesters carries forward with you.

For those students who have previously experienced Difficulty with attendance and on-time arrival to class at Pattison High School, you may find that your maximum number of permitted absences is eight. The attendance policy provides for possible suspension from a class following the 8th absence.

Your goal is zero absences and zero late arrivals. Many students accomplish this goal.