Student Counsellor

Student Counsellor 2024-01-20T04:39:27+00:00

As the counsellor for Pattison High School, it is with great pleasure that I openly welcome all of our students to share, discuss, question and pursue both their academic paths, as well as their personal goals. Our school motto is “We don’t teach a class; we teach individual students in a class”, and this is never more true as each individual reaches out to discuss their own very particular needs and goals.

My extensive background in academics, 18 years working with international students, and my Masters in Education, provides me with the patience, sincerity and skills in which to help guide and nurture the individual energies of each of our students. It is essential to me that our students feel safe, comfortable, respected and appreciated within the PHS community.

In association with our strong, compassionate, and understanding team of teachers, advisors and staff, each day brings the joy and the challenges of academic, social, personal growth and career objectives and it is my honour to be involved and included in this very special part of our student’s lives.

I welcome our students to communicate and discuss their current situations and future goals. I wish them all much success and growth in all their endeavours and am here to support and motivate them to strive for and reach their own ambitions. Seeing students succeed both socially and educationally has always been a strong passion of mine and I look forward to working with them during this important time in their lives.