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Ms. Bernadette Baylon

Ms. Bernadette P. Baylon, completed all academic courses for the degree Ph.D. in Science Education (Major in Math) at De La Salle University. Finished the degree B.S. Statistics at University of the Philippines and Master of Arts Mathematics at University of the Philippines.  She is also one of the authors of  “Math in Today’s World – Statistics and Probability, a textbook for Philippine senior high schools.

Mr. Brian Burke

Mr. Burke has been teaching ESL for over twenty years in Vancouver and Toronto including ten years abroad in both South Korea and Japan. He also has 6 years of teacher training experience as well. Mr. Burke puts great emphasis on speaking production in class combined with real life topics that are a reflection of his student’s educational goals. He is very interested in science, skepticism, world history and environmental issues. He likes cycling and biking while enjoying the beautiful Vancouver landscape.

Mr. Christopher Catalano

Mr. Catalano studied at Emily Carr from 1984-88, and at Nimbus School of Recording and Media in 2011. He has a B.F.A. in painting through Emily Carr and Thompson Rivers University and a Diploma in Advanced Music Production from Nimbus. His creative work consists of allegorical/surrealistic painting, drawing, photography/videography, and music creation, production and performance.  He has had over 20 solo exhibitions, has his music available for on Apple Music and Spotify. His main instruments are voice, guitar, and bass but he has also been exploring synthesis, sound design, percussion and drums for many years. Mr. Catalano integrates different media into all of his classes, and he encourages his students to find creative outlets that will enhance not only their academic studies but their lives in general. He feels that everyone can benefit from sharing the knowledge they acquire.

When he is not out on his bicycle or exploring the city with a camera, Chris spends much of his time in his project studio recording new songs and soundscapes, painting, and watching movies. In the summertime he loves to swim and in the winter he loves to chill.

Mr. Catalano’s door is almost always open; he has collaborated numerous times with large and small groups of students (and teachers) on school music productions, and he likes to answer questions (even when he has no answers). Please feel free to visit his room anytime.


Mr. David Truman

Mr. Truman recently moved to Vancouver from Edmonton. He earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English literature and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Alberta. He then spent four years teaching English as a Second Language in the Seoul area of South Korea before returning to Canada to complete his Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta.

The experiences teaching overseas have taught him many things about teaching, as well as the many of the difficulties those from other cultures face when moving to and living in a different country and environment.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, movies, sports, and experiencing the Vancouver lifestyle.

Mr. David Vandervelde

Mr. Vandervelde grew up in Alberta and received his B.Sc. (Astrophysics) from UBC in 2000 and then his B.Ed. from the Concordia University College of Alberta in 2004. After teaching on-call in Calgary and working for the Calgary Science Centre doing Astronomy outreach for two years, he travelled to volunteer as a teacher in Nepal for 5 months. Upon returning to Canada, he settled down to teach Physics and Math for nine years in small-town Alberta before relocating to Vancouver in 2016.”

Mr. Eric Joel

Mr. Joel always have had a deep interest in Mathematics and Computing Science since a young age, eventually earning a degree in both from Simon Fraser University. After spending a few years as a tutor and teaching assistant, he moved to the UK to teach Computing at a GCSE level and Information Communication Technology for Key Stage 3. Upon returning to Canada, he taught Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus 12 and Science 10.

In his current endeavours he has been teaching Calculus 12, Information Technology 10, and Pre-Calculus 11 where he always can’t wait to share his experience on, hoping to spark the next generation on the path with Math and Computer Literacy.

Additionally, he is an avid chess player and am always happy to sit down to a puzzle. Like a sphinx, he is always ready with a puzzle and delight when he hears a new one.

Ms. Erin Pettinger

Ms. Pettinger recently moved back to Canada and settled in Vancouver. She had been living in Jeju, South Korea for the past 15 years. She worked for the Public Office of Education teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to middle and high school students as well as teacher training programs. Prior to teaching in Jeju she also taught EFL in Japan. She is looking forward to teaching the academic readiness program and working with students from around the world.
She completed a bachelor degree at the University of Lethbridge and a Master degree specializing in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Southern Queensland.
In her free time she enjoys hiking, biking, snowshoeing, swimming and playing volleyball.

Mr. Halim Demir

Mr. Demir has been teaching Biology for over two years in Vancouver and including ten years abroad in Russia, Thailand, Myanmar and Nigeria. He also has two years of experience in teaching Political Science and International Relations. Mr Demir has broad experience of teaching students from diverse backgrounds. Mr. Demir speaks seven languages including: Turkish, Kurdish, English, Russian, Azeri, Tatar and Thai. In his current endeavours he is teaching Chemistry 11, Chemistry 12, and Biology 12.

Ms. Jyotsna Subramaniam

Ms Subramaniam has an honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a Masters of Arts in English, and a Bachelor of Education in Secondary/IB English from UBC.

Her professional practice includes teaching English and ESL in Singapore,   as well as working in Vancouver. She also has a keen interest in mental health awareness and special education. She finds that her work as a peer counsellor in India , and her research in mental health conditions in the classroom, makes her a more well rounded educator.

Ms Subramaniam was raised in a multilingual environment and speaks four Indian languages. Since the formative years, she has learned Japanese and Spanish. In 2017, she is taking higher level Spanish exams because she is always trying to learn and improve her practice.

Mr. Mohammad Nick khoo

Mr. Nick khoo earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in English Language and Literature. He started teaching ESL to teenagers and adults in 2002 in Iran. Then, he focused on instructing achievement test courses of IELTS, FCE, CAE, and TOEFL. Since he has moved to Vancouver, he has been involved in teaching entrance exams for university admissions as well as high school English courses. He has always been keen on literary subjects and philosophy. Reading ancient and modern philosophy and fiction, especially prose, is his favourite pastime, so is soccer. He believes that a good teacher must recognize his students’ needs and meet them. He is happy to be a member of Pattison High School family.

Mr. Peter Spangler

Mr. Spangler earned a BA in History from the University of Missouri before gaining his Secondary Teaching Certification from Chicago State University. Before moving to Vancouver, Mr. Spangler taught high school in Chicago and middle school in the Seattle area. He is happy to be at Pattison to continue his BC teaching career.

Outside of school, Mr. Spangler can be found running on the Seawall, skiing, complaining about poor officiating during Chicago Bears games, and waiting in vain for a competitive Missouri basketball team.

Mr. Shayne Arthurs

Mr. Arthurs completed his BA: Sociology from Thompson Rivers University in 2015.

His academic pursuits include: Career Education, Life-Course Development, Mentorship, Research Methods, Social Problems and University Preparedness.

Mr. Arthurs also researches: Criminology, Deviance, Identity, Law, Macro Sociology, Policy and Popular Culture. Personally, Mr. Arthurs participates and is a fan of music and sports.

Overall, Mr. Arthurs is elated to be apart of the Pattison team and looks forward to working with students on their “next step”.