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Q : Why choose Pattison High School?

A : We pride ourselves in providing the best service to our students. Students are always welcome to our offices any time for any assistance they may need. Once at PHS, students truly feel this is their home away from home. Our staff makes every effort to help students be confident and comfortable in this new environment.

Q : Is Pattison High School accredited?

A : PHS is an independent high school that is accredited by the Ministry of Education of British Columbia. Students received their high school graduation certificate that is recognized by all North American Universities and Colleges.

Q : What is the class size?

A : We place only a small number of students in each class. We endeavor to keep our student teacher ratio between 15:1. This makes learning easier as teachers are able to give each student individual attention.

Q : How many semesters in a year?

A : We operate on a trimester system with each session being 3.5 months. The winter term begins in January, the summer term in May, and the fall term in September.

Q : What is the tuition fee compared to other schools?

[fusion_textA : Our reasonable tuition fee enables you to make your dream come true at a considerably low cost.

Q : Does the school provide homestay and airport pick up?

A : We provide full-service, high-quality homestay programs with airport pick up available upon request. We find the most hospitable Canadian families to ensure your satisfaction. Residence and apartment information is also available upon request.

Q : Does the school offer scholarships?

A : We offer scholarships to students with an outstanding academic history and demonstrated leadership qualities.

Q : What is the advantage of Pattison High School compared to public schools?

A : Our counseling Department assists students with their individualized graduation plan, goal setting, university selection and application procedures. Our goal is to develop confidence in each of our students through active involvement in all areas of their lives. The Admission Department provides assistance to each student on an individual basis. Frequent communication with parents / guardians regarding the progress of their children ensures the success of our students.

Q : Does Pattison High School provide Provincial Examination tutoring service?

A : Yes. We offer complimentary and intensive Provincial Exam tutoring classes for all Provincially examinable courses in Grades 8-12.

Q : Will Pattison High School help me with University applications?

A : Yes. One of the most important aspects of our students’ academic experience is their preparation for post-secondary education. We offer comprehensive guidance and personal advice for each individual student in order to facilitate the college/university application process. Upon graduation, our students are then able to continue with their education, well equipped with the skills necessary to succeed. Beginning from admission, our experienced teachers help the students to plan their post-secondary school careers. During the school year, students are given guidance with the college/university application process. As well, university and college representatives will be visiting our campus throughout the year to speak directly and candidly with the graduating students.

Q : With which universities will Pattison High School graduates continue their post-secondary study?

A : UBC, SFU, UT, University of Victoria, BCIT, Vancouver Film School, New York School of Design, Rhode Island University, Emily Carr Univ., York Univ., U of Waterloo, U of Windsor, U of Michigan, Queen’s Univ. Capilano U.,VFS, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. USA and etc…